BWW & MINI Engine Oil

Original BMW Engine Oil

Original BMW Engine Oils are produced to the same high standards as our BMW engines themselves, ensuring the best performance, efficiency and longevity possible. Combined with the expertise of a BMW Service Centre, they provide the best maintenance for your BMW.

BMW TwinPower Turbo Engine Oils are designed to keep your BMW at peak performance. They have been developed to ensure improved cold starting and guarantee consistent performance – even in extreme temperatures. Original BMW Engine Oils also have Active Cleansing Technology as well as integrated protection from corrosion and wear. This keeps the engine as clean as possible and extends engine life.

Contact us today to confirm the correct engine oil for your BMW, we will be in touch.

Original MINI Engine Oil

Original MINI Engine Oil has been specially formulated to give your engine a long and healthy life. It’s the engine oil we use when servicing your MINI, because it’s the only one tested and approved by us.

Need a top-up? Give your MINI’s engine the best protection and ensure its consistent high performance with Original MINI Engine Oil. Available now exclusively from Ocean MINI.