Accident Repair

Why choose Ocean accident repair centre?

Remember, in the unfortunate event of an accident, it is your choice and not your insurer’s, as to who repairs your BMW or MINI. By insisting that your BMW or MINI is repaired at Ocean’s Accident Repair Centre, you can be assured that only Genuine BMW or MINI Parts and the latest Approved BMW or MINI repair techniques will be used to return your BMW or MINI to its original Euro NCAP safety rating.

The Ocean Accident Repair Centre customer promise means that you will receive the very best level of service and if your BMW or MINI is ever left undriveable following an accident, the complimentary BMW or MINI Accident Recovery Service will ensure that your BMW or MINI is recovered to your nearest BMW or MINI Approved Bodyshop at no cost, regardless of whether it’s your fault or not.

Accident Repairs

We ensure a perfect finish on any make or model of vehicle so if you are unlucky enough to need an accident repair then remember that it is your decision where to take your car, not the insurance companies. After all it’s your body, so you can choose who takes care of it.

Smart Repairs

No matter how careful we are, most cars manage to pick up some minor dents. Scratches and scuffs on their wheels or exterior trim and minor tears to the seats. Small things that don’t affect the performance or safety of the car, but are none the less irritating. Our Smart repairs tackle this sort of repair, with a simple scratch starting from around £65

Vehicle Restoration

Our vehicle repair specialists are available to help with expensive or complicated vehicle restorations. If you need help or advice on salvaging a lost piece of motoring history than call us on 01752 347181.

Alloy Wheels

  • Kerb Damage?
  • Scuffs?
  • Unsightly damage?
Our repair centre can refurbish most alloy wheels to as new condition. Repairs and refurbishment to alloy wheels can often be a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

Major Repairs

Many people are under the impression that it’s their insurance company that must choose where their car is repaired after an accident, but this isn’t the case. While your insurer may suggest one of their preferred body repairers to save costs, potentially by fitting non-Genuine BMW Parts, you are fully entitled to request that your BMW is repaired by the people who know it best – a BMW Approved Bodyshop, at no extra cost to you.

At BMW, we use the very latest repair techniques, Genuine BMW Parts, paint and specialist equipment that conforms to BMWs strict tolerances to ensure that, following an accident, your pride and joy is restored to its original EURO NCAP safety rating and back where it belongs – on the road. Contact us to find out more.

Minor Repairs

A wide range of expert repair services are also on offer to take care of even the most minor of cosmetic damage to your BMW or MINI, from stone chips to bumper scuffs and beyond.

We use advanced BMW and MINI repair methods and paint application as part of our wide range of cosmetic repairs which will return your BMW or MINI to its former glory. And the great thing is that we can do this as pain-free and as cost-effectively as possible. A few of the minor repairs that we are able to take care of for you are listed below. For a quote or for more information, please contact us.

Dent Removal: When repairing smaller dents, costly re-spray costs can be avoided thanks to the Paintless Dent Removal System – cutting edge technology that enables us to achieve impressive results.

Scratch Repair: Scratches can sometimes be unavoidable. Using advanced technology and paint application methods, our highly qualified Bodyshop technicians are able to restore your vehicle’s surface finish to its original state with the minimum of fuss.

Glass Repair: It may seem minor, but stone chip damage to your windscreen can be more than just a distraction. Using advanced repair methods we can often repair your windscreen without the need for a replacement. We can also normally do this within half an hour at the fraction of the cost that comes with replacing the windscreen.

Alloy Wheel Repair: Kerb damage, scuffs and scrapes can all leave your car looking far from its absolute best. Thankfully, damage to alloy wheels needn’t always mean an expensive wheel replacement. We can often help your damaged wheels look their best again for the fraction of the cost of a new wheel.

Machine Polish: The orbital machine polisher is used to remove road tar, fine scratches and light paintwork blemishes often collected over the winter months. The result: colour and gloss levels are restored bringing your BMW or MINI back to its best.

BMW i Repairs

Your BMW i has been built to the highest specification incorporating the latest developments in construction & materials technology. All BMW approved bodyshops have technicians that have been trained in BMW i repair techniques using only the recommended BMW i approved equipment, to ensure that your BMW i vehicle is looked after. Whether it be minor bodywork damage or something more serious, your BMW i vehicle is safe in our hands. Road traffic accidents are an unfortunate hazard of driving on today’s roads but rest assured that should the need arise, BMW approved bodyshops are best placed to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Always insist on using a BMW approved bodyshop (It’s Your Call) and don’t allow your Insurer to place your vehicle with a bodyshop who may not understand the requirements of your BMW i vehicle.

Free Accident Recovery

If you’re unfortunate to ever be involved in an accident with your BMW and you’re unable to drive on, simply call free on 0800777111 and the free BMW Accident Recovery Service will be on hand to transport you to your nearest BMW Approved Bodyshop. And what’s best is that it won’t cost you a thing, regardless of whether the accident was your fault or not.

Once with us and your consent given, your BMW will be returned to its original EURO NCAP safety ratings using only Genuine BMW Parts and materials. Remember, you’re entitled to request for a BMW Approved Bodyshop to look after your car following an accident, at no extra cost to you, where you can be assured of the highest standard repair.

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