R 12 NineT

BMW R 12 NineT

From £14,420

BMW R 12 NineT

From £14,420.00 on the road

Enter the R 12 nineT. With this sensational roadster, you set the scene with aplomb. Character: extrovert. Design: expressive. One after the other, hardly a screw was left in its place during development. With the revolutionised frame concept, this bike is eminently customisation-ready. So feel free to go the extra mile – do your own thing. The R 12 nineT invites you to make your own personal statement on the road. Celebrate #Soulfuel in your very own way.

Let the street be your stage


Wherever it goes, the R 12 nineT immediately takes centre stage. The golden upside-down fork, numerous aluminium parts, the two round instruments – every detail makes for an unforgettable presentation.

Master of style.

Blackstorm metallic: Front-wheel cover, airbox cover, motorcycle seat: the colour black runs throughout and takes the R 12 nineT to next-level cool. The tank in black with an aluminium look sets an exciting accent.

San Remo Green metallic: The colour San Remo Green metallic emphasises the nostalgic look of the R 12 nineT and lends it a sophisticated character. Elements in aluminium styling create exciting contrasts.

Option 719 Aluminium: Setting the scene perfectly: the tank and hump are made of brushed aluminium with a clear coat. The red frame matches the red tapes on the airbox cover. The Option 719 aluminium milled parts underline the spectacular appearance.

Set your own trend.

The R 12 nineT does not follow role models. It is a style icon in its own right. Instantly recognisable from afar thanks to its authentic look with an unmistakable roadster “flyline”. Up close, you recognise iconic details such as the round instruments, the chrome-plated manifold, the aluminium tank and the expressive, tubeless bicolour wheels. Hop on and make the road your stage. Your ride is accompanied by the unmistakable sound from the twin tailpipe exhaust system.

Do your own thing.

Maximum design freedom, as standard. The backbone designed for customising with a classic tubular spaceframe, a flat suspension strut and a completely revised engine periphery provides the canvas for your own ideas. The modular concept is made for individualists like you. Bring your ideas to the road.