New Electric MINI Cooper

From £30,000 on the Road.*

Discover The New MINI Cooper Electric.

Same familiar body shape, with a modern yet minimalistic design, and brand new capability. The new MINI Electric is a part of the modern vehicle revolution, bringing together the very best in eye-catching aesthetics with innovative engine technology that will have you amazed and excited in equal measure. 


Less is more when it comes to the design of the new MINI Cooper Electric. Expect clean and sleek lines, balanced proportions, and spotless surfaces, as we’ve removed the clutter and only kept the essentials. The appearance of the MINI is iconic, and this new model is no different. The front design is embellished by a distinctive octagonal front grille, and the familiar circular LED headlights. It truly is MINI from any angle, but with a modernised and futuristic touch. It’s agile silhouette is expanded by the larger wheel diameter and long wheelbase. More body colour is flaunted thanks to its stripped-back design, yet the distinctive black sill remains, as well as the 3-way optical division of the body, greenhouse and contrast roof, which adds depth to the new model. The rear of the all-new Electric MINI Cooper is where the most change is featured, with the new triangular rear lights that boast extra individuality from all the other MINIs out there. The range of 16-18″ light alloy wheels radiate pure confidence and undeniable individuality. They’re made from recycled aluminium so they contribute to reducing our carbon footprint both in production and while driving.

Inside the new MINI, less is most definitely more, as the clean and modernised design comes into the cabin. Minimalism, comfort and innovation are at the forefront, while staying stylish and sustainable. A reduced dash means you can access all the important stuff as easily as possible. The slim dashboard is home to a single OLED display and five toggle switches to operate the Interaction Unit. At the heart of the dash, the OLED display has a diameter of 240mm, with a high-quality glass face – this serves as your instrument cluster as well as your infotainment and assistance hub. You can choose from three style options, to ensure your MINI is uniquely styled to you – Classic, Exclusive and Sport. Each comes with bespoke features and tailored design details, for the dashboard, steering wheel, seat upholstery and the headliner. The new MINI Cooper Electric comes equipped with new textile aesthetics, with fabrics made from high-quality, sustainable materials which offer a luxurious experience throughout.


This new model of MINI has been packed with enhanced driving dynamics that will give you that instant go-kart feeling. Thanks to the low centre of gravity from the battery placement, we have optimised weight distribution to achieve the thrilling MINI handling. The MINI Cooper E offers an enhanced range of up to 190 miles, a top speed of 105mph, and reaches 0-60mph in 7.3 seconds. While the MINI Cooper SE offers a magnificent range of up to 250 miles on a full charge, a top speed of 112mph, and reaches 0-62mph in just 6.7 seconds. With charging via a home wallbox taking up to 5:15h, and with more than 8,000 public charging points available, you’re never far from having a full battery. In fact, at 95kW charging outlets, an 80% charge can be achieved in as little as 30 minutes. Of course, this being an all-electric model, the new MINI Electric emits zero CO2 emissions.

Technology and safety

At the centre of the dashboard is the real hub of the MINI Cooper Electric’s activity. The new Operating System 9 opens up a completely new user experience, meaning you will be connected and in control on every journey, more than ever before. The OLED touchscreen will optimise your interaction, whilst MINI Personal Assistant can be activated by using just your voice, to create a completely intuitive experience. Simply say “Hey MINI”, or press the push-to-talk button on the steering wheel to operate key functions of your MINI, like telephony, navigation, the radio, or even the temperature. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available in the MINI Operating System 9 for smartphone connectivity, giving you complete control over the audio and communication in the model, making calls and messaging safe at all times.

*Model shown £30,000 on the road.

The MINI Electric in Action


New MINI Cooper Electric

MINI Experience Modes for Intensely MINI Moments.

Create a unique, multi-sensory experience for you and your passengers with MINI Experience Modes. Immerse yourself in different extraordinary worlds, as each mode follows its own creative design and sound palette.

New MINI Cooper Electric

Recycled Fabrics and Textiles.

Our 2D flat knit for dashboards, door panels and lids is made from over 90% recycled polyester fibres. And our new generation wheels are now made from up to 70% secondary aluminium. we save around 90% of the energy required compared with primary aluminium production. Secondary aluminium production is associated with 95% fewer greenhouse emissions. The dashboard and armrests in our doors are now fitted with a quality knitted textile made of recycled polyester yarn, and innovative seat surfaces constructed from knitted 100% recycled textiles, which provide the same premium quality and seating comfort as leather.

New MINI Cooper Electric

Space is of the essence.

If you drop the 60/40 split rear seats you get more room for your plans with up to 800 litres of cargo space – letting you take almost everything with you. When three seats are up, you get 65o litres, and when all seats are up, you have 210 litres of boot space for your activities.