Why Go Electric? If you're thinking about making a change on your driveway for the first time in about 10 years, you now have more options than you would've had last time you were car shopping.




    The electric revolution that is transforming the sustainability and performance of the cars we see on our roads is here to stay. It is the future of motoring and we are electrifying the range with BMW i - our range of all-electric engines and plug-in hybrid models. The obvious benefits of electric cars are easily recounted as heavily reduced or zero harmful emissions. The significantly reduced environmental impact is attractive to many drivers, but there are plenty of other benefits to electric driving. Such as impressive savings on running and maintenance costs and, most importantly, some of the most thrilling performance for pure driving pleasure.​The financial and environmental benefits that come from owning an electric or hybrid BMW include:

    Key Benefits

    • Low emissions
    • Great fuel economy and electric driving range
    • Little or no road tax
    • Company car tax incentives
    • Amazing electric performance

    Types of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Explained

      BMW iX3 M Sport
      Fully Electric Fully electric vehicles use pure electric technology to power them. Innovative technology means fully electric models like the BMW i3 have a driving range of up to 188 miles. With the average journey of a UK driver being around 30 miles, there is plenty of capacity for journeys of all lengths. And recharging is really simple thanks to an ever-increasing network of public charge points and easy home charging solutions.
      BMW X2 Plug In Hybrid
      Plug-In Hybrid Plug-in hybrid technology seamlessly fuses two powertrains: a highly sophisticated electric motor and a super-efficient combustion engine for incredible power and performance. BMW's reimagined plug-in hybrids introduce the latest eDrive technology and intelligent energy management systems. Incredible electric driving range, easy recharging and unbelievable performance, the perfect fusion.


      What is a plug-in hybrid vehicle?

      A plug-in hybrid vehicle uses a dual power combination of standard petrol or diesel and electric. The electric motor uses a high-quality battery which needs to be recharged via an external electrical source.

      Where can I charge my electric car?

      It is possible to charge your electric car at home or at a public charge station. Specially installed charge points and public charge stations often offer rapid charging, which considerably reduces the time required to recharge.

      How much does it cost to run an electric car?

      Running an electric car varies, but it is currently estimated to cost around 4p per mile to charge.

      What is regenerative braking?

      The process of regenerative braking extracts the naturally occurring energy from the braking process, stores it and reuses it.

      Are electric cars safe?

      Because electric cars do not use flammable fuel, nor do they produce flammable gases, they are generally thought to be much safer than petrol or diesel cars.

      How often do hybrid batteries need replacing?

      If you are the original owner of a hybrid car it is unlikely you will ever need to replace it as modern batteries are designed to last for at least 100,000 miles, but often as long as 150,000 miles.

      What are alternative fuels?

      Alternative fuels are non-fossil fuels, such as electricity.

      Do hybrid cars cost more to maintain?

      Hybrid cars should cost no more to maintain than a standard combustion engine car.

      Can I charge my electric car at home?

      You can charge your electric car at home. Specially designed and installed charge points offer much faster charging and there are several Government initiatives available to support installation. Speak to the team at Ocean to find out more.

      What is the best hybrid car?

      The best hybrid car depends on your requirements. For example, here at Ocean, we believe the BMW i8 is the best hybrid sports car on the market. Don’t believe us? Book a test drive and see for yourself.

      What is the best used hybrid car to buy?

      Used hybrids represent excellent value for money and there are many makes and models to choose from. The Toyota Prius was one of the original hybrids that are now available as pre-owned cars. Now, luxury cars like the BMW i8 are giving car buyers even more options. Be sure to think about what you want and what you need, and try to test drive before you buy.

      How do I charge my hybrid car?

      Hybrid car charging is incredibly simple. Simply plug the car into a compatible power source or charge station using the correct attachment and go about your business until charging is complete.

      How does a hybrid car save energy?

      Hybrid cars save energy by reducing fuel consumption which therefore reduces emissions.

      What is an electric car?

      An electric car is powered by one or more electric motors. The energy that powers these motors is stored in high-efficiency rechargeable batteries.

      How do I drive a hybrid car efficiently?

      There are simple ways that you drive your hybrid efficiently, such as checking the tyres are correctly inflated and removing any additional weight from the car. Simple maintenance steps like this will ensure you get the most from your car.

      How does an electric car work?

      Fully electric vehicles (EVs) use a large traction battery to power an electric motor. The battery must be plugged into an external power source to charge.

      Are electric cars worth it?

      The appeal of electric cars comes from their efficiency. Depending on your electricity tariff, it can cost as little as £2 for 100 miles’ worth of charge.

      Are electric vehicles cheaper to run than petrol?

      Often electric cars are far cheaper to run than their petrol equivalents. As with all cars, if you maintain and care for them, they will perform better - and that is also true of electric vehicles.

      Are electric cars better for the environment?

      Electric cars are better for the environment because they use less or no fossil fuels. As a result, they produce lower CO2 emissions.

      What electric cars are available?

      Here at Ocean, our fully electric hatchbacks - the BMW i3 and i3s - are huge hits with our customers. We also have our exciting sports hybrid - the i8 - available. You can browse both models online or at our dealerships.

      Should I buy an electric car?

      Electric cars are increasingly popular because they offer improved efficiencies in fuel, emissions and running costs.

      Are all-electric cars automatic?

      Electric cars can’t stall like petrol or diesel ones and therefore they don’t require a clutch, which is why newly produced all-electric cars are automatic.

      How far can an electric car go?

      The length of journey possible in an electric car depends on a number of variables including the engine capability and the driving style of the owner. The BMW i8 plug-in hybrid can drive up to 34 miles using electric power alone, while the fully electric BMW i3 can achieve 188 miles.

      How many miles can an electric car go?

      On average, electric power in a hybrid can achieve between 30-50 miles and a fully electric car can achieve up to 300 miles, depending on the make and model.

      How long does it take to charge an electric car?

      Charge times vary greatly depending on the model and the outlet. You should refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for accurate estimates.

      BMW iX
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