BMW X5 45e

BMW X5 45e

Introducing the BMW X5 45e

BMW X5 45e

If you’re looking for a family-friendly SUV that radiates class and sophistication, don’t miss the all-new BMW X5 45e available from Ocean. Dynamic, confident and powerful, this is a hybrid that delivers a standout performance time and time again while minimising fuel output. It’s got all the benefits of the X5 line but with efficient plug-in technology.



There’s no denying that the BMW X5 45e is a determined, forward thinking and innovative model that combines efficiency with power. The three-litre, six-cylinder turbo petrol engine works alongside the 24-kWh battery pack to deliver a thrilling on-road experience. The electric-only range of this model is an impressive 54 miles, meaning you can enjoy numerous short journeys without burning fuel. This makes the 45e cost-effective to run.

When the battery is close to running out of juice, the X5 fires up its 286-horsepower engine, so you can guarantee a reliable, fun and energetic performance. The steering is also accurate, and the air suspension is beautifully refined providing a comfortable ride. The driver even has a choice of modes including Sport, Hybrid and Electric which change the way the car uses its petrol and electric power.

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As you’d expect from such a premium marque, BMW has perfected the exterior of this muscular, streamlined model. While the 45e is a hybrid, there are only subtle pointers that this is an electric model, including a neat charging port at the front.

Design highlights include the sizable double kidney front grille with air intakes that open on demand as well as signature LED daytime running lights and headlights with an optional high beam. The crossover wheel arches are striking too and, with wheels reaching up to 21 inches, you can take firm command of the road. Tinted windows, new taillights and an expressive double exhaust also provide the 45e with notable sporty looks.


Step inside the BMW X5 45e and you’ll discover a spacious, well-organised cabin that radiates class. The build quality is superb, and all materials have been chosen to create a sense of charm and comfort. There’s a separate climate unit for your convenience as well as one of the best infotainment systems on the market offering voice control and advanced satellite navigation. There are also extra touches such as a panoramic roof and privacy glass. Small details such as heated or cooled cup holders are also integrated into the design showing how nothing has been overlooked..