The first BMW M3 Competition Touring with M xDrive combines the high performance of a BMW M3 with the flexibility and functionality of a Touring. It offers high traction, agility and precision thanks to intelligent all-wheel drive M xDrive and suspension with M-specific design.


The BMW M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder petrol engine provides optimum power whilst delivering that iconic and striking M engine sound. As expected with any M car, the performance of the M3 Touring is unmatched thanks to two mono-scroll turbochargers, direct High-Precision Injection, fully variable valve control and variable camshaft control.

With M-specific suspension, high performance handling and response of the M3 Competition Touring is easily achieved. The broad wheel arches and large track width ensure that the suspension is flawless and up to standard, precisely for M.

BMW M xDrive ensures that the M3 Touring is fit for everyday driving as well as at the racetrack, as it offers high traction and M-specific technology that offers the agility of rear-wheel drive with the combination of control of an all-wheel drive.


With the iconic Touring silhouette, the BMW M3 Competition Touring is easily identified by the exclusive and unique rear bumper, that features the distinct M-specific diffuser and twin tailpipes on either side. To compliment the sporty personality of the M3 Touring, M Carbon exterior elements can be optionally added for an extra athletic appearance, like spoiler elements, exterior mirror caps and a striking carbon-fibre diffuser at the rear, all made from reinforced plastic. The M Carbon ceramic brake not only impresses with its minimal wear and notable braking power, but also gives the M3 Touring a sporty appearance with visible special technical equipment through the calipers, in the optional colour Gold matt, displaying the M logo on the outside.


Whilst the performance of the M3 Competition Touring has similarities of a racecar, the interior matches those same athletic characteristics. M Carbon bucket seats with the illuminated M3 logo give the interior a sporty appearance, combined with the comfort of the M Sport seats, that are lighter and electrically adjustable for your convenience. As well as this, the high-quality M Carbon steering wheel also adds to the racing feel, along with the carbon-fibre trim strips that surround the operating elements.


As well as the exclusive design highlights on both the exterior and interior, both the M340i xDrive Touring and M340d x Drive Touring are the perfect vehicles to suit your everyday needs, offering a balanced range of performance, efficiency, and comfort. The M340i xDrive Touring has a M TwinPower inline 6-cylinder petrol engine with 275 kW (374 hp), that allows for an acceleration from 0-62mph in just 4.6 seconds. The M340d xDrive Touring has an M TwinPower inline 6-cylinder diesel engine, which provides efficiency with 250 kW (340 hp) and 700 Nm of torque, that advances from 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds upon acceleration. Both engines make for the ultimate driving machine boasting loads of power, with the petrol engine providing the iconic M rumbling sound and the diesel engine having improved consumption figures.

Featuring the Steptronic Sport transmission, sporty gear changes in the M340i xDrive Touring and M340d xDrive Touring are made easy and comfortable, with the option of both automatic and manual via rocker switch.

Ensuring safety through stability and control, the M Sport differential provides improved traction, especially when changing lanes and in unpredictable road conditions. The permanent, always variable differential lock control and electronically controlled multi-disc lock ensure that optimum grip and directional stability are achieved in any driving situation.


The M340i xDrive and M340d xDrive Touring models come with an upgraded exterior revamp, featuring exclusive design elements and M-specific elements. The front fascia has been revised with a larger geometry of the kidney, surrounded by adaptive LED headlights that provide a modernised look as well as optimum illumination. M high-gloss elements contribute contrasting accents against the vehicle colour, complementing the design, with an increased tailpipe diameter and new rear bumper. 


The interior not only offers innovative technology to enhance your driving experience, but also optimum comfort to ensure every journey is enjoyable. The new M3 models come equipped with BMW Curved Display, which allows you to control each relevant function whilst driving, on a 14.9" instrument cluster and a 12.3" Control Display. Comfort comes in the form of the optional M sport seats for the driver and front-seat passenger, which have a partly integrated head restraint which allows for support in bends, whilst also being electrically height adjustable. Comfort does not outweigh the sporty appearance, as pronounced contours and the M logo give the cockpit an athletic character.


The cockpit is home to new innovative digital technologies that allow for an intuitive operating concept, inclusive connectivity, and M-specific instruments to give that extra sporty energy. Whilst the M340i xDrive Touring and M340d xDrive Touring have the 8-speed M Steptronic Sport transmission offering numerous gearshift options, the M gear selector (available only in the M3 Competition Touring) allows the driver to switch gears with excellent operability. With “S” mode selected, the driver can shift gears in complete M fashion by using the gearshift paddles on the steering wheel, or simply using the selector lever. When “D” mode is selected, gear changes happen automatically.

The large curved display features BMW Live Cockpit Professional (as standard on M3 Competition Touring, optional on M340i xDrive and M340d xDrive Models) which projects all the relevant driving information you need right in your field of vision, including speed or navigation instructions, and the full-colour head-up display for optimum safety and a better overview of your driving experience.

Supporting your driving experience, each M3 model has comprehensive connectivity technology that lets you stay linked to the outside world whilst staying in control. Smartphone integration allows you to connect your smartphone wirelessly to your vehicle through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so you can operate features conveniently and safely, like changing the music and accessing your contacts through the curved display.

Driver Assistance Systems that can be optionally implemented in each of the new M3 models make driving these vehicles efficient and effortless. Driving Assistant Professional is a helpful function that will automatically ensure you are maintaining lanes, speed, and distance, which ultimately helps to reduce the risk of accidents. When it comes to bringing your vehicle to a stop, Parking Assistant Plus will help you to easily manoeuvre into the most challenging spaces, thanks to features like Surround View system, Remote 3D View, Active PDC and the automatic Parking and Reversing Assistant.

BMW M3 Touring
BOLD M DESIGN The M3 Competition Touring front fascia delivers pure Motorsport personality by the expressive M kidney grille with horizontal louvres.
BMW M3 Touring
M DRIVE PROFESSIONAL Available on the M3 Competition Touring, M Drive Professional offers many functions that help achieve the perfect drift or the best lap time.
BMW M3 Touring
HIGH PERFORMANCE With the M3 Competition Touring, the M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder petrol engine exerts an impressive acceleration of 0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds.