Introducing the first fully-electric BMW i7

The first fully-electric BMW i7 combines electric performance and multisensory entertainment to produce an unforgettable motoring experience. The VIP lounge experience in the spacious interior fascinates the driver as well as the passengers with details such as the BMW Interaction Bar or the optional 31.3” BMW Theatre Screen. As the world's first fully electric luxury saloon, the BMW i7 brings innovative driving pleasure to the road with over 382 miles in range.


Experience pure driving pleasure of the next generation in the new BMW i7. An impressive ability of 544hp pursuades you to bring power onto the road, with up to 746 Nm* torque for strong acceleration, granting a speed of 0-60mph in just 4.7 seconds*. The thrill of driving the i7 continues thanks to the innovative eDrive propulsion concept which creates a near-silent atmosphere whilst free of local emissions.


The lightweight construction methods and aerodynamic design of the BMW i7 contribute to the efficient driving dynamics, boasting up to 387 miles* of electric range, and a low consumption of only 3.2 – 3.4 mi/kWh* through technologies such as recuperation during braking

Charging the new BMW i7 is quick, easy and simple:

  • Top up from 10% to 80% with 195 kW** in only 34 minutes* at a high-power charging point
  • Included as standard equipment: everything you need for charging at home and on the road
  • Optional Smart Partner Wallbox including installation available
  • Simply add additional charging solutions using the configurator
Credit.. PressClub UK. BMW i7.


To ensure you can effortlessly master each everyday challenge in the BMW i7, the contemporary services from BMW Connected offer multiple functions, with various flexible packages that keep you always connected and up to date. The BMW Remote Software Upgrade guarantees that your BMW i7 is updated at all times, allowing you to constantly enjoy the latest features and functions. Ensuring you are always connected and ready to go, using BMW Digital Key Plus, your smartphone can be used to unlock and start the new i7.


Step into pure modernisation, as the BMW i7 comes equipped with innovative features to ensure both the driver and passengers have the ultimate driving experience. Rear-seat passengers can lean back and relax in a lounge environment with 31.3" BMW Theatre screen whilst enjoying luxurious comfort in high-quality executive lounge seating with superbly handcrafted materials, creating an unforgettable experience. Rear doors with integrated 5.5" touchscreens give passengers control, allowing them to operate the infotainment system, BMW Theatre Screen, automatic air conditioning, seat setting and more at their convenience.


The i7 possesses the same iconic BMW front design, but with a modernised twist. The kidney grille is elevated by an illuminated contour that radiates personality, and the slimline BMW 'Iconic Glow' headlights with Swarovski crystals provide a supreme and classy appearance. The rear also has narrow, L-shaped rear lights, and small blue design elements that give a subtle nod to the powerful innovative drive system.

Credit..PressClub UK. BMW i7.

BMW i7 Photo Credit: BMW Press Club
Rear-seat entertainment on a grand scale Luxury The i7 has an optional 31.3" BMW Theatre Screen with built-in Amazon Fire TV which creates a unique panoramic rear seating entertainment experience
BMW i7 Photo Credit: BMW Press Club
The striking exterior Design In keeping with the iconic BMW 7 Series, the i7 has a striking exterior design, illuminated kidney contour and 'Iconic Glow' crystal headlights
BMW i7 Photo Credit: BMW Press Club
Innovative ambience in the cockpit Drive The BMW Interaction Bar extends across the cockpit. Providing a modern multimedia experience, that elevates the drive