BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series has been top of the range since 1977. It offers a new level of comfort and luxury with dynamic handling that’s accentuated by the sleek design and endless customisable options.


The design for the BMW 7 Series centres around the expertly crafted bodywork. The chrome accents, flowing lines and sleek contours give an impression of authority, which is one of the many reasons why this series is the flagship of BMW. The BMW 7 Series is a work of art that is yet to compromise. Inside the cabin, you’ll find that comfort and convenience is the utmost priority and that the seats are contoured to provide a driving experience unlike any other.


At the heart of the 7 Series, you’ll find an engine that outputs a truly effortless performance that focuses on refinement. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for the six-cylinder turbo, the iPerformance hybrid or the 6.6-litre petrol V12 because, for the first time in history, BMW has implemented a carbon fibre core right into the chassis. This offers weight-saving capabilities and a much higher level of efficiency.


BMW has packed the 7 Series full of intelligent features. It’s designed to make every single journey you go on an absolute pleasure. Some of the features include ConnectedDrive Services and apps. This gives you a much higher sense of connectivity to the outside world, not to mention that the impact protection also offers peace of mind irrespective of driving conditions.

Next steps

To test drive the BMW 7 Series, contact our team at Ocean Group. We’ll be more than happy to arrange for you to see the model of your choosing and at a time that suits your schedule. Our team can also demo some of the new technological features for you too.

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