The BMW 4 Series Coupé is more dynamic, more agile and more comfortable than ever before. Its choice of high performing engines provides a thrilling driving experience, while the sporty appearance, which features an interplay of flowing lines, ensures that design and performance are a perfect match.

Explore 4 Series Coupe

4 Series Coupe


With captivating design and heart-thumping power, the BMW 4 Series Convertible gives drivers more from every drive. With the retractable roof, which comes down swiftly while on the move, this Ultimate Driving Machine is all about being stylish and adventurous, whatever the conditions. Discover a driving experience that delivers more.

Explore 4 Series Convertible 

4 Series Convertible


With performance and design coming together in perfect harmony, the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé delivers an elegance that you can both feel and see. A choice of high-performance engines, with either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive and near perfect weight balance, keeps the experience true to its motorsport roots; while a multitude of modern touches ensures the highest calibre of driving pleasure.

Explore 4 Series Gran Coupe

4 Series Gran Coupe

BMW 4 Series

The BMW 4 Series focuses on prioritising driver-enjoyment above all. It’s sporty, stylish and sleek, making it ideal for those who are always out on the road. With the BMW 4 Series, you’ll be able to choose from a four-door Gran Coupé, a hardtop convertible, or even a sleek coupé, so there’s truly something for everyone. 


With distinctive lines and luxurious curves, the contemporary exterior still boasts a lot of traditional design features. This includes the iconic kidney grille, which has been extended so that it flows seamlessly into the state-of-the-art glossy headlights. When you look inside the cabin, you’ll see that its driver-focussed, with every switch, control and button being no more than an arm’s reach away.

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BMW has plenty of engine options for you to choose from. You can opt for the four-cylinder petrol/diesel option for convenience, or the agile and performance-focussed turbo model which has six-cylinders in total. With Steptronic Sports 8-speed transmissions also available, it’s safe to say that this is every car-lover’s dream. If you want to further customise your ride, the xDrive all-wheel-drive upgrade is available on certain lines. 


The BMW 4 Series is equipped with cutting-edge technology, safety features and multiple driver aids. The 8.8-inch iDrive display gives you complete control over six live tiles. The M suspension also adjusts automatically to suit every driving condition with a seamless transition. This, combined with traction and braking control, ultimately means that you can maintain the highest level of control while out on the open road.

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Ready to get behind the wheel? Contact Ocean Group today to arrange a test-drive. The BMW 4 Series is yet to be beaten when you look at the fine balance between style and convenience, and the customisations make it ideal for any driver.

Steptronic Sport transmission 8-Speed Automatic transmission
Near perfect balance Ensuring great directional stability, precise steering response and agile handling
Multiple driving conditions Adaptive M Suspension