A massive congratulations to Devon Freewheelers EVS who were presented with a brand new BMW RT1250 Blood Bike, provided by the founders of BMAD, Kelvyn and Jayne and their son Tom. The new blood bike was provided to BMAD by Ocean.

The bike has been donated by BMAD in memory of Kelvin and Jayne's son Dan, who was Tom's twin, who sadly passed away recently. The bike has been named Super Dan in his memory. The new blood bike will be operational in the South Devon area.

The donation of the blood bike to Devon Freewheelers is the final donation from the BMAD family after many years of raising funds for numerous charities across Devon. 11 years ago, BMAD made a donation that enabled Devon Freewheelers to become a registered charity. Without that donation, Devon Freewheelers may not have been able to help the hundreds of thousand of patients they have helped in their time as a blood bike charity.

Thank you for choosing Ocean to provide the bike, we are hear to maintain and service it for you any time. All the best, Ocean.

BMAD Handover
BMAD Handover