BMW R nineT Pure

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BMW R nineT Pure

The name ‘Pure’ is appropriate for this stripped-back bike, which is reduced to the essentials compared to its other R nineT family members. Although it has a purist design, the R nineT Pure is the perfect bike for customisation, so you are able to create your very own. Let your ideas run free with the R nineT Pure.

You can be assured that every journey will be exciting with the R nineT Pure whether travelling through the city or beyond, thanks to the air/oil-cooled Boxer engine that boasts a generous 1,170 cc displacement. This bike runs smoother because of its power and torque curve with a 4,000 – 6,000 rpm range, and 80 kW (109 hp).

Driving Modes Pro allows you to get the most out of the R nineT Pure, with ASC and DTC control systems that intervene later whilst in Dynamic mode. The adaptive headlights ensure that the roads ahead are well lit, even when turning around bends, thanks to the headlight being able to curve up to an incline angle of 25 degrees.

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Although a purist overall design, the R nineT Pure possesses some distinctive and recognisable characteristics from the R nineT family, like the compact tank, the twin-cylinder boxer engine, and the round LED headlight. As well as customising your R nineT pure with additional extras, you are able to highlight your individualisation when choosing one of the five colour options that are available:

Option 719 Underground/Lightwhite – Although a subtle pop of colour, the pale blue really makes a statement against the small area of white paintwork and black highlights.

Option 719 Pollux Metallic/Lightwhite – This design gives a strong expression, with a moss green pop of colour, and a striking golden stripe to highlight the special edition colour option.

Teal Blue Metallic Matt – To accentuate the vintage roots of the R nineT Pure, this colour option makes a lasting impression with a striking teal blue.

Mineral Grey Metallic – Simple yet memorable, the subtle hint of grey helps to highlight the proportions of the bike.

Option 719 Aluminium – Pure and simple, the white paintwork highlights the craftsmanship with which this bike was manufactured, with its partially polished tank.


In true classic BMW roadster style, everything you need to know to operate your bike is right in front of you on the stylish analogue circular instrument.


The traditional roadster look is reinforced by the single-pipe silencer.


As well as being an eye-catching element of the R nineT Pure, the spring strut has a new shock absorber with progressive damping, which can be easily manually adjusted