BMW R 18 Transcontinental

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BMW R 18 Transcontinental

Amongst the R 18 range, the BMW R 18 Transcontinental represents the tradition and heritage of BMW Motorrad through its unmistakable and iconic design. Many happy and comfortable miles are guaranteed on this bike, which has been made to provide exclusive and luxurious travelling, whether you encounter your journey alone or with a pillion.

Eating up the miles in a safe and comfortable way is easily achieved with the R 18 Transcontinental, thanks to Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC) and optional Active Cruise Control that cleverly and independently control your speed and distance to the vehicle in front, with three riding modes, Automatic Stability Control (ASC), and dynamic engine brake control (MSR) to ensure more safety. To guarantee convenience, the Transcontinental comes with Reverser, Hill Start Control and central locking system for cases and topcase.

Dubbed the Big Boxer, it is understandable why the R 18 Transcontinental has acquired this nickname. The strength and power from the engine that you feel when embarking on your journey is thanks to the impressive torque and responsiveness, and a minimum of 150 Nm between 2,000 and 4,000 rpm.

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BMW R 18 Transcontinental DESIGN

Whilst clearly a member of the R 18 family, the R 18 Transcontinental can be easily identified by its prominent characteristics like the large front end with a tall windscreen and striking headlights, which form the starting point for the elegant streamlining. The 24-litre tank makes a statement in itself, proving that this bike will eat up the miles that you are about to encounter. Whilst the appearance gives a strong impression, it is also easy to see that the R 18 Transcontinental will be the perfect companion for those longer journeys, as optimum comfort is provided by the footboards and the seat, and even a backrest which is integrated into the top case to ensure that your pillion is comfortable, too.

When configuring your perfect BMW R 18 Transcontinental, there is a generous range of colour options to choose from. Black Storm Metallic emphasises the elegant and luxurious character of the R 18, whilst the R 18 Transcontinental First Edition has added white pinstriping, with chrome-plated details to provide extra sophisticated style. The Option 719 Galaxy Dust Metallic/Titan Silver 2 Metallic provides an out-of-this-world design, as the paintwork glows in shades from violet to turquoise blue with a shimmering effect, depending on the angle and sunlight. Manhattan Metallic Matt comes in a khaki-bronze paintwork, that screams sophistication and agility whilst bursting with energy.


The cockpit is a perfect blend of modern and traditional, with four classic analogue round instruments combined with a 10.25 TFT display. The large cockpit area provides all the information that you need at a simple glance.


To ensure optimum comfort for both the driver and passenger, heated seating is featured as standard, and the passenger’s backrest has been integrated perfectly into the top case.