M 1000 R

BMW M 1000 R

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BMW M 1000 R

Introducing an exciting new addition to the BMW Motorrad family, The BMW M 1000 R allows superbike to meet dynamic roadster. Taking this bike on country roads or the racetrack is made possible by its heritage which is stemmed from M racing developers and the race track. Experience maximum performance whilst dominating the road with unmissable M colours and the distinct sound of the M R four-cylinder engine.

This superbike engine has been perfected for a hyper-roadster. From its racer roots, the four-cylinder engine comes from the RR, with BMW ShiftCam technology that accelerates from 0-100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds. A generous maximum engine speed of 14,600 rpm makes the M R our most impressive roadster yet. More torque and acceleration are achieved from 10,000 rpm, and the gear ratio has 47 teeth in the second gear, with a shorter gear ratio in 4th, 5th and 6th gear. This allows for more performance-oriented riding, especially on country roads. You will not be disappointed by the sound that comes from the engine, which is rich from the titanium rear silencer.

Thanks to the high-end assistants, the M R comes with immense performance abilities. Riding modes like Race, Race Pro, Rain, Road and Dynamic are linked to three accelerator characteristics, that deliver the best response characteristics. Thanks to DTC, optimum safety and riding dynamics are ensured depending on the riding mode, and Brake Slide Assist allows for the smoothest braking drifts when turning corners.

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Offered in the most powerful colour options, Light White or Black Storm Metallic, each bike is complemented by the striking M Motorsport colours. The M R possesses a dominant front and an aggressive rear, which are characteristics to match its confident personality. The aluminium, milled, tubular handlebar is lasered with ‘BMW M 1000 R’ lettering, and the M logo appears in the LED headlight. When opting for the M Competition Package, your M R will come equipped with exclusive M Carbon parts like front & rear wheel covers, chain guard, tank trims, airbox cover featuring tapes, M passenger package, pinion cover, and an activation code for the M GPS-Laptrigger. The M carbon wheels will ensure that you won’t be beaten, as they cut the weight by 1.6kg.


Offering a striking design, the M winglets also help you to stay in control, as they generate aerodynamic downforce which allows for more riding stability at the highest speeds.


The 6.5″ TFT display welcomes you as a high-performance rider with the M start-up animation, and allows you to select your desired riding mode, depending on the road challenges ahead.


The easily identifiable M brake ensures that your overtaking manoeuvres are accurate and controllable