THE BMW K 1600 B


A relaxed tour is guaranteed on the K 1600 B - taking in your surroundings whilst casually cruising one moment, then effortlessly unleashing the power of the six-cylinder engine the next, all whilst in supreme comfort. Everything about the K 1600 B has been designed and equipped to give you a first-class travelling experience, like a new Adaptive LED Headlight, and a 10.25" TFT colour display to make every ride more enjoyable.


K 1600 B​


  • 10,25” TFT Display with ConnectedRide Navigation and Connectivity
  • Smartphone compartment (Incl. USB-C Charging interface – cable required)
  • LED Headlight (Incl. Adaptive headlight and Daytime Riding Light)
  • Configurable Favourite buttons
  • Intelligent Emergency Call and Teleservices
  • Reverse gear
  • Dynamic ESA
  • Dynamic Traction Control
  • Tyre Pressure Control
  • Cruise Control
  • 2 x 12V Sockets
  • Hill Start Control Pro
  • Dynamic Engine Brake Control (MSR)
  • Powertrain Black
  • Heated Seat and grips

K 1600 B LE


Including base model specification plus:

- Touring Package

  • Engine Protection Bars
  • Audio System 2.0
  • LED Addtional Fog Lights
  • Floorboards or Large Globe Compartment

- Centre Stand

BMW K1600 B Technical Info


A streamlined and elongated design gives the K 1600 B a casual appearance, yet a powerful presence. Equipment like the newly re-designed cockpit and the footboards make this bike the perfect companion for an ideal tour. Making a statement will be easily achieved with the luxury contour of the K 1600 B, as the typical bagger features speak volumes for regarding a strong appearance, and the three colour choices add to the character. A truly unique new paintwork has been created for the new K 1600 B and Grand America - Meteoric dust II represents an entire galaxy through the craft of water transfer paintwork in the Option 719 Midnight special edition. Style Exclusive in Manhattan metallic matt is inspired by the impression of modern, big cities, whilst Blackstorm metallic is the most basic, yet undeniably classy version.


A revamped engine control unit guarantees a superior riding experience with the K 1600 B, taking you effortlessly and confidently on each journey, cruising corners and straight roads with ease, each and every time. The engine control unit contributes to the smoothness of the K1600 Grand America's performance, as the increased maximum torque of 180 Nm is generated at 5,250 rpm for relaxed cruising, whilst 160hp will give you the strong desire to accelerate. Stability and safety are not compromised, however, due to the engine brake control and Dynamic ESA.

Credit..PressClub UK. K1600 B
Audio System 2.0 Sound The superior sound that comes from the all-new Audio System 2.0 will provide top entertainment on every ride, whether you are travelling solo or with a pillion.
Credit..PressClub UK. K1600 B
Configurable Favourites buttons Individualisation With four Configurable Favourites buttons, you can personalise your K 1600 B to easily get to your favourite functions at the push of a button.
Credit..PressClub UK. K1600 B
Comfortable Footboards Comfort The footboards give a casual appearance, yet provide optimum luxurious comfort for long journeys, especially.