Spontaneity and a desire for new experiences are all you need to make every day an adventure with the BMW G 310 GS. Exploring new terrain is effortless yet enjoyable with the optimised engine and slipper clutch. Seeking new adventures has never been more simple. Explore the G 310 GS and delve into the adventure.

Discovering your city and mastering the unfamiliar roads ahead are made easy with the G 310 GS as the perfect companion. Everyday riding requires optimum comfort, which is made possible with GS ergonomics and high-quality equipment, which ensure this bike is excellent for relaxed riding to any destination.

Controlling your bike

Your bike. Your way. Reaching adaptations for ideal comfort ensure that your bike can be moulded to best suit you. The clutch and brake levers are adjustable to four levels, adapting easily to the size of your hands, moving up to six millimetres closer to the handlebar. For riders with smaller hands, this makes it easier to reach them easily, and effortlessly keep a grip on everything at all times.


• BMW Motorrad ABS

• Stainless Steel Exhaust System

• LED Headlight and Daytime Running Light

• LED Rear Light

• Luggage Rack

Credit..PressClub UK - BMW G 310 GS
G 310 GS Technical Info

Feel the dynamics

Effortless throttle response is made possible with the e-throttle grip: Ride by Wire, which the powerful single-cylinder engine now comes with, and thanks to automatic idling, the engine runs perfectly stable when in motion. The self-reinforcing slipper clutch is reliable when starting up and switching gears, and the engine functions economically due to efficient consumption, meeting the new Euro 5 standards.

Choose your colour

Your bike, your way. With three contrasting colours to choose from, all three variants of the G 310 GS are now equipped with a dark engine area in Titanium grey metallic. Which colour would you choose?

Style Rallye - The Cyanite blue paintwork with striking red accents brings the Rallye character to prominence.

Style Triple Black - The Style Triple Black with Cosmic black 2 paintwork gives a simple yet classy design.

Polar White - Sometimes less is more, and the G 310 GS in Polar White speaks volumes with its reduced purity with the base colour and white trim panel.

Individualise it the way you like

Make your G 310 GS your own with the option to choose from a large selection of accessories for your daily adventures.

Credit..PressClub UK - BMW G 310 GS
Suspension element Comfort The suspension consisting of spring and damper ensure optimum driving comfort with stability and safety on every journey.
Credit..PressClub UK - BMW G 310 GS
LED headlights with daytime running light Illuminate The road ahead is always perfectly illuminated with the new LED headlights including daytime running light and low and high beams.
Credit..PressClub UK - BMW G 310 GS
Gold anodised upside-down fork Detail A comfortable riding experience and precise steering are made effortless thanks to the stable upside-down fork.