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Urban electromobility means far more nowadays than just getting from A to B. The BMW CE 04 is the innovative symbol of a modern electric era, influencing a new design that seamlessly integrates into your everyday life. It’s time to make a statement and master the metropolis with the BMW CE 04, making it undeniably easy to weave effortlessly through the cities streets whilst being on the move and staying #PluggedToLife


Charging up wherever you are
Waking up to start the day with a fully charged BMW CE 04 is what we call ideal. That is why we have made charging simple with many options to ensure your bike is ready to go whenever you are. The options include 220 V domestic sockets, your BMW Wallbox or the optional quick charger that allows you more time. When out and about you can then charge your BMW CE 04 at a BMW Wallbox or on the go from 0% to 80% in around 65 minutes with the maximum charge current from a public charging post. The BMW CE 04 will fit into your life perfectly and will get you around without any problems, because of its generous range of 103 kilometres*, ensuring you still have plenty of energy left at the end of the day.

*As per WMTC standard

Your route to the charging column
The navigation system will handily inform you of any nearby charging columns in your chosen surroundings and will direct you there on the quickest route. This can be easily accessed through either the BMW Motorrad Connected App, or by selecting the route on your 10.25″ TFT display.

Always an eye on the charge status
Keeping you in the loop, the BMW Motorrad Connected app keeps you up to date with the estimated end of charging during the charging process, and lets you know how long your stored energy will last and how much range you have left. This data can be easily accessed at any time on the 10.25” TFT display.

Your ideas count
Whether you need more storage space, more convenience or fancy a different appearance, the option to customise your vehicle to fit around your lifestyle is possible. Our comprehensive optional equipment and genuine BMW Motorrad accessories range allows you to store items in the Vario topcase or the Urban Collection side bag. For those days when the temperature is low but the sun is shining, heated grips and seat heating included in the comfort package will keep you comfortable to ensure you enjoy the ride. There are also optional sticker sets available to enhance the design of your BMW CE 04.

Design brings us together
The modern and minimalistic yet eye-catching design makes the BMW CE 04 stand out from any other motorcycle. New aesthetics have made for a slim design to accommodate for the energy storage unit in the underfloor assembly and the compact drivetrain, the charging compartment that folds out to the side and the floating seat. The low centre of gravity holds a key part in the fun handling, remarkable strength, and timeless riding pleasure.

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Ahead of the time and yet timeless

Although minimalistic, the design of the front end is striking while the rear end shows the technological components, which is a conventional feature for a motorcycle. The unmistakable design of the BMW CE 04 comes in two colour concepts to fit the mould of modern electromobility, which each emphasise the pioneering design and set striking highlights.

Stay perfectly linked up whilst mobile

We understand the importance of staying connected while you ride, and thanks to BMW Motorrad Connectivity and the BMW Motorrad Connected app, you can do just that. The BMW CE 04 comes equipped with a 10.25” TFT display, offering a split-screen option that turns into the interface between the digital and analogue world. Whether you want to analyze performance data, range, charging time, the favourite playlist, next destination or a phone call, mobility and communication blend into one, ensuring you are never out of touch with your everyday life. Your smartphone can be kept in the watertight and ventilated storage compartment, whilst being charged in the process with a USB C connection.

Revolution meets evolution

Comfort, safety and convenience are key with the BMW CE 04, with tried-and-tested BMW Motorrad technology. ABS and ASC are standard features, DTC, ABS Pro and the ECALL intelligent emergency call are optionally available. Also available are seat variants with an integrated backrest pad and seat heating, and the electric reverser guarantees convenience and comfort in big cities. With Keyless Ride, it is easy to immerse yourself into the seamless integration of the BMW CE 04 mobile life: just hop on and ride off without removing the key from your pocket.