BMW F 900 GS

BMW F 900 GS

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The F 900 GS was designed specifically for those seeking new adventures and off-road experiences. With a powerful engine and a lightweight body, it is the ultimate Enduro bike that allows riders to navigate difficult terrains with ease. Get ready to immerse yourself in the #SpiritOfGS flow and embark on exhilarating journeys like never before.

It has been designed with off-road use in mind, optimizing the ergonomic triangle that includes higher handlebars, lower footrests, and an adjustable gearshift lever for the perfect riding position. The footbrake lever has been raised for easy access, and the folding footplate ensures optimal accessibility. Whether you’re riding with street or off-road boots, standing or sitting, the F 900 GS provides comfort and allows you to confidently explore outside of your comfort zone.

BMW F 900 GS

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In addition to visual and technical upgrades, the body of the F 900 GS prioritises comfort and safety. The standard plastic hand protectors offer increased wind and weather protection, while the Enduro hand protectors with metal brackets provide additional safety, particularly for adventurous riders of the F 900 GS Trophy. Furthermore, the F 900 GS offers optional preparation for navigation devices, allowing riders to easily attach a BMW navigation device or other accessories such as action cameras to enhance their riding experience.


The F 900 GS impresses with its remarkably lightweight construction, weighing just 219 kg*. This feature becomes particularly noticeable when riding off-road, navigating through gravel, or conquering mountainous terrain. The bike’s low weight is achieved through the use of various new components, including a plastic tank, a lighter battery, a redesigned rear, and an Akrapovič rear silencer, among others. This reduction in weight translates into enhanced handling capabilities and overall high performance levels for the F 900 GS.

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BMW F 900 GS Design

The F 900 GS showcases its readiness to explore new territories with meticulous attention to every detail. Its sleek body design exudes a sporty vibe, with slim tank trim and radiator cowl for an aerodynamic look. The frame trims provide excellent contact with the bike, especially when riding in a standing position. The standard windscreen is perfectly sized for Enduro riding. The iconic GS beak adds a distinctive touch, pointing towards your next adventure. With the GS logo proudly displayed, it signifies that you are at the forefront of the adventure riding community.

It achieves a significant milestone in weight optimisation and vehicle design with its lightweight plastic tank. Weighing 62% less than a steel tank, it still offers a generous 14.5-liter fuel capacity, providing ample fuel for your adventures. The slim rear design contributes to the overall lightweight construction of the GS, allowing for easy attachment of soft bags, backpacks, or aluminum cases to accommodate your storage needs.

Adjustable Suspension Strut

BMW F 900 GS
BMW F 900 GS

Adjustable Showa fork

On the road with the right setting on any terrain: thanks to the sports suspension with 45 mm, fully adjustable Showa fork in the optional Enduro Pro package.

Akrapovič rear silencer

The F 900 GS delivers a rich sound. This is ensured, among other things, by the standard Akrapovič sport rear silencer made of titanium.

BMW F 900 GS