BMW F 800 GS

BMW F 800 GS

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A reliable and powerful bike that you can count on, the F 800 GS is the ideal companion for both short and long-distance journeys. Its upgraded, powerful engine along with other improvements, ensures that it will provide a smooth and exciting ride, wherever your tour takes you. With the new F 800 GS, you will discover new paths and experience unforgettable adventures wherever you go, whether you’re travelling alone or with friends. Get ready to fully embrace the #SpiritOfGS, where you can escape from reality and simply leave your everyday life behind, taking in the thrill of the open road.

BMW F 800 GS

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A new and improved parallel-twin engine ensures that the F 800 GS delivers an enhanced riding experience with an upgraded torque curve and increased peak power. The pinnacle power of the GS is 64 kW (87 hp) at 6,750 rpm, with the maximum torque reaching 91 Nm at the same rpm. This motorbike provides optimal performance on whichever route your adventure takes you on, ensuring pure riding pleasure. 

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BMW F 800 GS Design

The F 800 GS comes in three unique colours, from traditional to sporty, so you can choose the one to best fit your riding style: Light White gives the GS an effortless and dynamic feel, with its white solid paint and striking black-blue seat, GS embroidery and black handlebars; The Sport colour option in Racing Blue Metallic is a dynamic variant, with it’s black/red seat and GS embroidery, and silver handlebars; Triple Black in Blackstorm Metallic paintwork emphasises the bike’s contours. With optional equipment from BMW Motorrad, and genuine BWM Accessories, you can customise the F 800 GS and give it your own personal touch, to make it as unique as you are.


Made of impact-resistant and UV-resistant plastic, the hand protectors also protect the operating elements from branches and stone chips in open country. On the road, hands and fingers stay dry and warm longer, even in low temperatures, thanks to the protectors shielding them from wind and weather.

BMW F 800 GS
BMW F 800 GS


You can attach the Vario cases easily and securely to the visually appealing case holders. When the cases are not mounted, the discreet holders are hardly noticeable.


ABS Pro allows the rider to keep control over the bike when braking around bends. Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) prevents the rear wheel from spinning during changing grip conditions, thus providing added stability.

BMW F 800 GS